Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter at the Maples'

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  We had a nice quiet day around here, church first thing at 8:15, then back home for some buckwheat pancakes that my boys wouldn't eat because they were "different"

After breakfast was consumed we did some Easter egg hunting.

After about the fifth hunt, I decided that I would make it a bit more challenging for the boys.  I hid those eggs, I hid them real good.  In fact I hid them so well we couldn't find the last egg.  After looking for more than an hour, I told Jarrett that I would pay him twenty dollars if he could find the last egg.  Well that was motivation, but he didn't find it, nope he found this.

Yep, curled up at the top of a lavender bush, was a snake!  I'm glad he waited until we were done with our egg hunt to make an appearance, I think he would have given me a heart attack if I had reached in there and grabbed him instead of an egg.  When the husband took a closer look he discovered not jut one snake.
But two!!  I might be seeing some baby snakes in the coming weeks.  After all the snake viewing I did find the egg, it had fallen down inside of that lavender bush.  Luckily far enough away from the snakes that I could get it, because although I don't mind looking at the snakes, I don't want to touch one.  And since I was the one who found the egg, I didn't have to give Jarrett any money:-)  

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